Actual student evaluations.

“The instructor was exceptionally good at:”


The instructor was very good at showing us the material by drawing out diagrams and explaining the material in an interesting manor. He also was excellent at giving real world examples for his own job experience. This really helped me learn a lot this semester and pass the APICS exam. Without his teaching styles I don't know if I would have passed the exam and understood the material nearly as well.

Never had a class as organized as this one on D2L. Can you please give a class to other professors on how to set up moduals!? :)Being clear on the topics and very good and responding to questions

This was by far the best course I've ever taken, which says a lot because this is my last semester before graduating. If every course I took was this organzinesd, accessible, and straightforward, I probably wouldn't think college was such a scam. Don't change anything about this course; it's perfect.


I liked the layout of your online course. I liked how you allowed students to work ahead to complete the course early if they wanted too. The assignments were clear.

Keeping the online class organizing and facilitating discussion when needed

He was really good at explainging things when needing help. I appreciated him allowing us to resubmit assignments when we were unsure on how to do them.

Grading in a timely manner and providing feedback on all written assignments.

Organization and layout of the course

I am impressed by the organization and resources that were providied for the course. The moduals were set up very nicely. It was very clear what the expectations were.

Providing tutorial content to coach through difficult problems

Grading very fast and efficiently. Gave extra credit when students went above and beyond work required.

Making the course simple, objectives clear to understand, and was very organized

I thought that the videos selected to watch and reflect were meaningful.  The videos brought the content of each chapter together and showed application of course content in "real world" business.

Thank you for a great semester!

the class brough to light many topics that i might not have considered in the work force

I learned about the different types charts, something that I can use at work now.


The materials we learned and relating them to certain projects we were doing. Everything went well together.

Putting us in the real world of going to a company was an awesome idea

Examples of Lean activities in industry.

Giving instructions, setting expectations and  feedback. The guidance provided was excellent. The in class activities  were a good learning experience.

The professor was very good at providing real life examples and relating them to the current material being discussed.
Provided good feedback for assignments.
Incorporated class activities for students to be involved rather than just watching PowerPoints.

His knowledge of the material was vast and was good with talking about real life examples

Providing real life examples and teaching lessons through activities and student involvement

Feedback and correction of work. The layout and  organization of the material was also excellent with a logical flow to  the process. I also like the method used for discussion by having us  enter our discussion before we can view other's. I think it provides us the opportunity to be authentic in our responses and allows us to  compare those with the groups instead of mimicking other's responses.

Getting back to students that had questions, and  providing feedback if we didn't receive 100% on an assignment. The  assignments were laid out nicely, and we didn't have to question when  things were due.

I was very pleased with this Instructor. I am a  distance learner and could reach him via email and he would respond  ALWAYS within 5 hours (even when he was on Spring Break)  I found him  to be very fair and I did lean quite a lot during this course. He would also respond to discussions and post grades within a timely manner.
I also appreciated the fact that he made available the first chapter of  the textbook as I did not receive my physical copy in time to start the  course.
I would like to thank him openly for his teaching approach and his responsiveness.

Connecting with students and understanding what we feel and how we feel about the class. Overall did well.

Teaching in general, I learned so much from this  course. All valuable knowledge that I will be able to take with me into  future careers.

Having a online course that flowed well. Standardized due dates/times allowed for students to get into the flow class and plan out their week.

The three main areas I found to be exceptional are:
1. the texts - the three different texts really worked well to expand the  lessons covered as well as complimented each other so the flow of the  course felt natural and informative.
2. The assignments - the  assignments related to the course objectives and expectations were  clearly defined. They did not feel like busy work, but were actually  focused on the objectives and guided the learning. Also, all assignments were graded very quickly and feedback was clear.
3. Material preparation - the material was ready and open with plenty of time to complete assignments and meet deadlines.

Excellent at feedback, communication, presenting the material and module organization.
My compliments! This has been one of the best classes I have taken at  Stout!! I feel I actually learned something! You and Scot Vaver are  pros!!
I ESPECIALLY appreciated the videos demonstrating the  Excel problems. It made it much simpler to understand and simulated the  classroom experience. They really made a difference in my learning.

Helping when I had questions. Made sure that I understood concepts in the material before I had to take exams or quizzes.

Providing examples of the work required. I enjoyed  the opportunity to learn using the lecture recordings/videos available  in several of the modules.

Understanding the students as well as being flexible. He knows what we are going through and that the info is hard and a lot of work/time.

helping out our group without giving away all of the answers to doing our project.

Delivering the material and helping the students understand and implement the concepts.

Answering questions and giving help when neeeded. Very understanding of the work put in and what is realistic for the semester

Supporting the group with information during the projects!

Allowing the student to understand his/her potential. Allowing the students the freedom to explore multiple ways to "get the  job done".

Very organized course, was very clear at what was  needed/wanted for each assignment. Adding comments to each assignment to help improve the next assignment for the student, and answering  questions when asked for it.

Giving clear directions for the homework problems where we were working with Excel and the project.

I have taken 17 online courses with Stout and  Professor Heidtke has been by far the most responsive instructor I have  ever had. He not only emailed you back promptly, but with a full  explanatory email. Getting instructors to respond has been the biggest  challenge of online learning, and I was very fortunate to have taken  this class with him. I also really liked that all the course material  was available immediately, especially for online students it is  important to have the material available so they can work on it at their own pace.

The Professor was great and getting back to me when  ever I had a question. It was reassuring to know that if I had diffculty understanding something, I would get it resolved.

Living the course he is teaching.
Excellent organization and structure
Feedback was always efficient and clear in almost all situations.
Fair and consistent grading.

I enjoyed taking the class. I thought it was  entertaining and knowlegable. I really liked that you tied your past  experiences with the current topics. It helps me learn and understand  the material.

Checking if students understand the material. The  first unit reading The Goal was beneficial and he made sure people  understood the concepts covered in the text.

Good at using other techniques to teach students.  Would use his own experience, textbooks, and othe sources to teach  students in different ways. He was good at explaining how people usually think and why it's important to take in consideration to the new  information and change the way you see things.

Explaining what will be on the exams, what to study  for when it comes to quzzesses, and he knows when he is wrong he goes  back and tries to resolve it.

Being on time and not cancelling classes.
Funny and used good real world examples.

Had a lot of knowledge abou the material and how to study for the APics exams


He knew exactly what he was teaching.

Meeting with students during office hours to understand the materials better for homework

Working through example problems during lecture and thoroughly answering students questions regarding the homework assignments.

Providing great feedback. Professor Heidtke also provided some good videos that directly associated with chapter material.

good syllabus, east to follow directions, relevant discussion, applied to what I do everyday.

The recorded power point presentations were very  helpful. Generally, I would read the chapter, review the powerpoint  slides and then listen to the presentation. That repetition was very  helpful.

There were a lot of homework assignments and he would allow me to ask questions and he gave great feedback, which allowed me  to get a better grade in this course.

Going into detail when giving certain examples on a  certain topic. I liked how he used real world examples.

Being kind and helpful to students to make sure that  all students understood the process and always works with students on learning material. Doesn't just give you the answer but helps find the  answer and works with the student

Encouraging questions.
Having open dialogue.
Giving feedback on Homework and Exams

Very knowledgeable on the subject, good at explaining things differently if it was previously hard to understand

Presenting material more than one way. he answered  all question about any problems quickly but precisely until all students understood the material.

using real life examples of lean manufacturing

using real world experience to explain concepts in a  way students could easily visualize to help students better grasp and  comprehend important concepts

Answering questions and using his knowledge/past experiences to help students (especially related to change implementation)

Giving us discussion questions to help us grasp the  main concepts of the course even though it was instructed online. It was also very helpful when we got video references for the excel problems  since we were unable to learn how to complete them in a classroom  setting. The material was always available which was nice because I  prefer to work ahead when possible.

He was very helpful in helping me get ready for my  BSCM Exam by providing me with everything I needed and answered all my questions.

Using his experience in the field to reflect his  in-depth knowledge about ideas of inventory, material management,  constraints, and overall resource planning.

Providing useful material that was relevant to the  subject and using real life examples. He was also very good at  structuring the course and choosing materials and relevant work.

I've had Mr. Heidtke in other classes and have to say he does an excellent job. I've had classes with other instructors that  offer little to no feedback but Mr. Heidtke comments on assignments and  has material laid out in a relevant order (not jumping around).

Giving clear instructions and expectations. Grading  assignments promptly. Giving feedback. Planning and organization. Helping with any questions. Breaking material into step by step clear  instruction for learning.

Engaging the class from the very first day.  Assignments were given immediately - no easing us in! - and we started  the semester by reading The Goal and having lively online discussions.  The book was so fascinating and the conversations so interesting that I  found myself consistently working on assignments for this course before the other course I'm taking this semester.
I also really liked the videos and the problem-solving assignments - they were fun!

Offering much feedback on graded assignments.
Questions were always answered in a timely manner.
Grading was consistent.
Mr. Heike was an excellent instructor.


Steve is a wonderful instructor whom I've had in the  past and love how accommodating he is with the courses he teaches, I  plan to take what ever INMGT classes I can with Steve.

Very good at understanding the course material and  being prepared for class. Is very down to earth and never talks down to  students. Very approachable and easy to communicate with. He was also a  very fair grader and created an environment in which students had ample  opportunity to achieve a good grade.

Understanding the content and showing multiple ways to get a solution. This helped to be able to check answers

Taking the time to go over problems that seemed  difficult to students  Also, made exams very similar to homework so  there weren't any questions in which we did not cover on the exams. If  extra help was needed, he would talk with you individually to try to  work things out.

Listening to our suggestions, considering them, and implementing them

He really wanted his students to succeed and would help in whatever way possible to make sure this happened.

Letting students learn and figure things out in a  hands-on manner. Kept classroom atmosphere light and enjoyable. Wasn't a horribly stressful class to come to.

Steve provided an exceptional amount of knowledge and experience pertaining to industry and how this course can really  connect with what we are going to be moving forward into. Steve is also very patient with students and is good at finding a way to clearly  communicate his message to the students. UW Stout is fortunate to have a professor who is so passionate and willing to connect with his  students.

The teacher was exceptionally good at using his past  experience to make the material being taught reachable, very patient  with the class and was able to teach us all of the material with out  just giving us the answer but helping guide us through the process.

Allowing students to problem solve and be innovative  and creative. He also was careful not to give the students any  unnecessary busy work just for the sake of having assignments. He was  very realistic and made the course highly applicable to the workforce.

Really nice guy, cares about his students and wants them to do well. Helped the class understand whats expected of them.

Talking with the class each day about what where we  should be at in the semester and what needs to be done in both the lab  and what was needed for the reports.

- Facilitating operational discussions, while allowing students to make final decisions.
- Recommending more efficient manufacturing processes.
- Providing detailed rubrics for projects and presentations.

I appreciated the that he clearly stated his  expectations of students in this class. He also graded our assignments  quickly and provided feedback every time.

Greeting the class at start time, sharing his plan  for each particular class period, showing the class an updated schedule  if there were any sort of changes made, and lastly the instructor was  available to all students if we didn't understand a question or a  problem using excel.

This professor is great at relating to students. He  really does a great job with teaching, because he fully understands to  information he is presenting and has stories from his work experience. I also liked his homework assignments because he doesn't assign busy  work. All of his homework has a purpose and is directly related to the  course material.

The class was extremely well organized, and I had no  trouble figuring out what I needed to do to fulfill class requirements.  Great online class!

I was always impressed with the feedback given for every assignment.

Working with students to maximize their learning in the course.
He was approachable and wanted to interact with us as individuals.

Has more real life examples than any other teacher I  have ever had. Helps a lot with learning how this applies to the real  world.

For his first time through the material, I thought he did a good job of presenting it. I learned a lot. He supplemented  lesson materials with useful examples from his career experience.

Taking the time to respond to discussion topics.  I  really appreciated the addition of the videos that helped explain the  MRP and MPS assignments

Instructor was very responsive to questions and made it easy to work in a distance environment.

Providing excellent examples about how to solve  problems in MS Excel. . He also did a good job of leading students in  the right direction, but still made them figure out the answers on their own. I thought it was a very effective way to teach on-line students.

Providing a detailed assignment calendar and following it.

2013 (first year at UW-Stout)

His explanation of the course material was refreshing and I found it easier to pay attention during class. I feel very  comfortable in his class, very no nonsense, down to earth. I feel that  at UW-Stout there should be more teachers modeled after Steve. He told  us the things that we needed to know for industry, along with his opinion on what the book said, vs. what industry would actually be like.

Meeting with his students and going that extra mile to make sure that each person truly understood the content of the class.

Explained homework exceptionally well in class!  Teaching the material and adding his personal "know how" into the  lectures with real-world examples was a HUGE HELP!!! Really good to be  taught by someone who knows it in real life!

Highlighting the most important and relevant aspects from the text.
He also explained them in simple and understandable terms.
He was great at tying in personal industry examples.
All expectations where clearly laid out.
He used D2L the most effectively out of all my professors this year.
I always knew what and when an assignment was due, and he posted all assignment grades with feedback. None of my other professors were nearly as consistent.

He cared a lot about every student to make sure  everyone understood the material. He was always available outside of  class time to help with questions on the homework. Always very helpful!

He really knew the area of study that he was  portraying to us. You can tell that he has spent a long time in the  industry as he could correlate the material to his real life  experiences. He's very good at understanding students and did an  exceptional job at teaching us!

Always smiling and in a good mood. As a student I  could easily tell the instructor was passionate about the subject and  teaching. He was very helpful with homework, provided all the course  information on D2L, and was very fair with grading.

All the knowledge that he had up in his brain

He was good at explaining real life scenarios that  brought froth a much better understanding for the material than just  teaching it. His knowledge in the field was awesome and I couldnt ask  for more when being taught this type of class.